Our goal is to help as many people as we can that are affected by paranormal events, By educating and finding proof or debunking the events that they can't seem to explain away. We do this with extensive research and investigative techniques. 

Our goal is to find the answers that have eluded our clients. we Investigate paranormal reports in four phases,  First phase: interview the client for detail on the paranormal event.  Second phase: investigate the claims of said event, using both visual and audio means to evaluate any and all claims.  Third present our findings to the client, which might include audio, visual or other explanation on said event.  Fourth phase: at a later date, follow up with the client to see any changes. We never let our personal beliefs or opinions interfere with our investigations, the proof and the truth is what we are after!

So if you are having some things happen that you cant explain or need some help finding the answers to these events, The buffalo Boo Crew would love to work with you to find the answers you have been looking for!